Praise for "Persephone's Torch"

 “A tale that works on several levels at once, drawing the reader into the world of greasepaint and illusion... There is a sad tawdriness about the people here and their magic, yet one cannot help but admire the talent and fierce longing driving them. A wonderful and thought-provoking story to the very end.”

-- Shannah Biondine,

“Superb storytelling... I give this book a standing 5-star ovation, for its excellent plot, description, and characterization. ...The story held my attention to the end, and left me wishing that it hadn't ended. An excellent read overall -- which is only made better if you have a theatre background.”
-- Kara L. Wolf,

"Like Persephone's torch guiding the dead to the underworld, this book will lead you into the underbelly of theatre life and guide you into the minds and lives of passionate theatre professionals. A beautiful feast for the senses which will rekindle your desire to go see some live theatre soon! Highly recommended and makes my list of top reads for this year."

"An unusual and excellent late-'30s tale of the road, with a touch of innocence-lost (and a fair chunk of innocence-retained), plus a whiff of Julie Taymor about the female lead. Sharply-drawn, memorable characters travel the land bringing art to the masses -- Andy Hardy's idea of "Let's put on a show" was never like this! Well-researched, evocative of its era, PERSEPHONE'S TORCH will linger in your mind and call you back for a re-reading long after you've reached "The End."